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Sunday, August 7, 2011

07.08.2011, Morning

Sunday Morning Street Photography Walk: From Imbi Market to Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur

I am gonna eat you sometime! It's just that I have too many other stuff to eat today that I didn't eat you. I ate the delicious and famed toasted buns, drank the Hainan tea, ate the pork intestines noodles, crunchy "Ah Pong"... hmm...

The Leica M6 is still my favourite camera. This is one camera I don't think I will ever sell. I don't mind another M2, M4 in the future... and maybe the M9. But I still love the independence from camera batteries... stuff that are totally mechanical! No "auto-shut-off", No "restart-lag", No "running-out-of-batts"...

Photographing streets is for my soul. It takes attention off myself, it reminds me of tougher lives out there, it takes time off "trying to please others", it takes time off the dollar sign!

It's also a good slimming exercise! Haha...